We pursue quality, excellence and innovation; it’s in our company company DNA. We employ the best music industry practices and have adopted some others from the Technology and Advertising industries to offer a world class solution and value proposition for independent new artists and producers.

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Who We Are

We are a team of experienced music producers, technology, marketing professionals and entrepreneurs with a vision to discover and develop fresh new independent artists with great potential and appeal for global audiences. From concept development, music production, release and distribution, to marketing campaign strategy, execution and social media management, public relations and capital. We invest in selective projects with new ideas, fresh sounds and styles that would capture the imagination of audiences worldwide.

What We Do

Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Medellin, Colombia we provide a dedicated team of professionals in all key areas.

  • Production
  • Management
  • Distribution
  • Marketing & Merchandising
  • Technology
  • Raising Capital  

Selection Process

We pursue great talent and potential selectively. And then add decades of experience and quality to achieve a music product that is fresh, innovative and appealing. We invest in artists with unique and innovative proposals, styles, originality and seasoned producers looking to take their artist to the next level in their careers or to global audiences. 

Have a cool sound and a fresh style you would like us to evaluate? We are always looking for new talent. Send us a demo of your work bellow. We make no promises but will provide you the opportunity to be heard by our team.

Excecutive Team